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Hade Haile

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Hade Haile was born as the second son of four children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He moved to Vienna, Austria with his parents at the age of eleven. Hade writes and produces his own songs. Furthermore, he has written and produced songs for other groups like Basic instincts and Jericho Juice. The single “Given Time” and his first Album “I Found The Way” was successfully released in Austria, Ethiopia and has appeared in the Austrian charts. Various media networks in Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere including the BBC in the UK and CNN International have interviewed Hade. His Videos have been also aired by South Africa’s Channel 0 (DSTV'S HOTTEST MUSIC CHANNEL) onto the rest of the world by Satellite.
Hade had performed as an opening act for one of Europe’s top selling artist, on his “Visions” European tour. Hade also had the honour to perform as the main act in a fund raising event “One Birr For One Patriot”. Furthermore Hade performed in some events in Washington D.C., USA and was also nominated for the KORA “Awards” in South Africa. However after having taken a break form the music world and focusing on his family, Hade recently finished his new Album titled “Just Be Myself” which has just been released.
Hade is truly a crossover artist that captures so many different segments of the music industry throughout the world. In comparison, there are very few artists to date that has such an appeal in music. 
Hade is not your average artist, he is concerned about the content being performed and promoted today in the music industry. He is a family man that loves children and wants his music to have a moral impact on his fans. Hade does not produce, sing nor represent any music that is vulgar, demeaning to others or promotes any kind of violence. 
The aim of his label REAL VIBE MUSIC is to bring forth good wholesome popular music with an underlining message of peace and goodwill. This message is not intended to be reserved just for music. He desperately wants to put forth effort and action to begin humanitarian aid, especially for children that are less fortunate. For more check out: